Charles Towne Advisory Services

CEOs Supporting CEOs

Charles Towne Advisory Services provides solutions to complex business problems and experienced advice to tackle strategic options. Our team is comprised of former CEOs, CFOs and COOs who have deep industry knowledge and functional specialization. We compliment the vision of CEOs and their teams using an array of data-driven, empirical processes that when optimally executed result in superior performance. Our team’s specialized skills can be critically valuable to managing through a business crisis or reorganization as well as evaluating and executing acquisitions for both strategic and financial buyers.

Meet the Team

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Peter Barbaresi

Jorge R. Forgues

Daniel Griesemer

Michael McCracken

Keith Senglaub

Our Advisory Services

  • Strategy Consulting

    A fresh look at the business design, market landscape and competitive threats can be invaluable. Working closely with key leadership stakeholders, we design and execute projects that often require a comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial position and operating metrics. A project typically involves in-depth conversations with customers, creditors, leadership team and critical stakeholders and can be completed over 90-180 days. . We have strong capabilities around business design, operational improvement and logistics, market sizing and new market entry. With a strategy established, we work with management to develop a detailed execution plan with clear objectives, operating metrics and financial forecasts.

  • CEO Thought Partnering TM

    Reporting up and managing down can make a CEO feel entirely alone. CEO Thought Partnering is confidential 1-on-1 collaboration between experienced operators. We provide empirical market-based counsel and assurances required to make and act on bold decisions. Working with CEOs in weekly 90-minute sessions. We focus on continuous improvement of mutually agreed metrics and KPIs, connecting the dots of operations, strategy and talent.

  • Interim CEO/COO/CFO/Chief of Staff

    More than an advisor, our team is prepared to take an active interim role to address specific leadership deficiencies your organization may have. We install seasoned C-level professionals to assist CEOs, Boards, VC and PE investors to bridge the gap to a well-vetted next stage of leadership.

  • Restructuring and Turnaround Management

    Turning around a distressed business requires a unique set of skills. We are able to assemble a top-tier team that has experience dealing with creditors and executing financial restructurings, combined with experience navigating the operational and people-related issues required to turnaround an under-performing business.

  • Mergers and Acquisition Support

    Much of the stress of acquiring a business comes from the fear of the unknown. Our team of specialized industry veterans leverage their experience and network of industry contacts to work with our clients, both private/family owned companies and private equity backed. We help identify acquisition targets and provide commercial, strategic and operational due diligence and analysis

  • Succession Planning and Execution

    You didn’t build a successful business to then fumble the transition to the next generation of owners. Having a successful management transition plan is key to preserving and enhancing value even if the company is sold to a third party. Our team focuses on defining the objectives of the ownership transition plan, establishing the criteria for company ownership and developing a valuation approach and clear picture of how employees can buy into the company.

  • Capital Raising/Monetization Event Preparation

    When the time comes to pursue a monetization event, having trusted operators embedded in the business who understand the DNA of the company trumps any conventional investment banking firm’s approach. Working as insiders, typically ahead of hiring bankers, we are able to bring insights as to how to craft the value proposition, how to engage suitors, how to stress test the team for due diligence and ultimately, how to maximize value for the shareholders.